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"We envisioned South Texas Institutes of Health as a unique organization which, by addressing the special needs of our region, truly existed to be an asset to the community."

Dr. Steven M. Stoltz

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South Texas Institutes of Health is hosting seminar on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 from


Location: El Milagro Clinic

901 E. Vermont

McAllen, TX 78503

South Texas Institutes of Health would like to invite you to our FREE seminar on Tuesday, August 14, 2018 from 9:00am-11:00am 

This month's topic: Zika Awareness & Prevention

South Texas Institutes of Health along with will be hosting a FREE seminar on Zika Awareness & Prevention. This FREE seminar is  good for all ages to come and learn about how you can protect yourself against Zika.   Free Bug Repellent available for the first 30 registered attendees. For more information on how you can join us at this FREE event contact us at 956-331-8484. We look forward to seeing you!

If you or your business would like to help participate in our event or would like to be more involved with your community, please email us at: or call our office at 956-331-8484.

Upcoming Events & Seminars

Upcoming Seminars and Events:

08/14/18 Zika Awareness Seminar

08/22/18 Hurricane Ready Seminar

09/12/18 High Blood Pressure Awareness Seminar

09/19/18 Men's Health Seminar

10/17/18 Mental Health Awareness Seminar

10/24/18 Breast Cancer Awareness Seminar

11/07/18 Diabetes Awareness Seminar

11/20/18 Feeding the Needy for the Colonias

December:  Christmas in the Colonias



Future Projects for STxIH

Throughout the year STxIH continually strives to make a difference in peoples lives. Our small staff is very dedicated and is always looking for collaboration for our efforts from around the local community. Every month we have a project, seminar or outreach event including free Pap smears, Immunization awareness, breast cancer awareness, Turkey Drive Fundraiser, Christmas in the colonias and more. With your support we can accomplish great things and make a difference in our community. Call us today at 956-331-8484 or 888-648-3390 to see how you can make a donation! We look forward to hearing from you!

Latest News from STxIH

Balance Lifestyle Classes
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Our Services

Outreach and Education at it's Finest
balance lifestyle classes 1

Saving lives is duty-PreDiabetes Prevention Classes

April 2017 | News & Blog

Balance Lifestyle Classes are currently being held on Monday's and Wednesdays in Alamo and in Donna.  This FREE outreach program targets pre-diabetic patients educating them about which foods are good to eat, meal planning and exercising options.  Our commitment to out local community is paramount and we are dedicated to all of our outreach and education projects throughout the year.  Want to make a difference in our community, come and volunteer with us on our efforts or donate to our cause.

dallas garden 2017

Current Outreach Projects-Food Security Program

April 2017 | News & Blog

Taking our efforts to a new level...planning and preparation for a vegetable garden!

STxIH has partnered with Texas Agrilife to grow food to distribute out to the local community free of charge.  This labor of love was inspired during one of our recent outreach events for our local homeless community.  Our Food Security Program will help needy families as well as to the local homeless community.

Do you have a passion for gardening or have a fruit or vegetable garden at your home and have extra food you can donate?? Call us at 956-331-8484 to help out.

Health & Medical

Our Mission & Values

To provide high quality medical treatment under the strictest ethical and clinical standards.
To develop and share innovative knowledge that improves patient care in South Texas.
To conduct clinical trials which further medical knowledge and help strengthen medical practices worldwide.
Our Values
Both clinical decision-making and fiscal behavior will be patient-centered, ensuring that the business proceedings of South Texas Institutes of Health will be reflective of an advocate for the population as well as the individuals it serves.

Our Vision

South Texas Institutes of Health will be recognized for ethical, quality clinical research throughout the state and by its affiliated internationally recognized entities. We will be engaged in pharmaceutical trials, clinical trials sponsored by academic institutions, and independent investigator-initiated trials. Key accomplishments will be advances in the epidemic of nutrition-related obesity and metabolic syndrome, especially in children and Hispanics, as well as meeting the critical need for epidemiological data of the Hispanic population that will be predominant throughout the United States. South Texas Institutes of Health will be a business modeled after the National Institutes of Health, on a local level.

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Rx Assistance Services


If you are able to take the time and learn how to fill out the appropriate applications, you can do this anytime you need to at your home.  Our office can help you download the appropriate forms as needed.




Our Community Outreach Programs


Throughout the year, various health screening and services will be offered as part of our community outreach efforts related to education and some involving research, but that's not all!!  STxIH will continue to provide health screening and other services at little or no cost-depending on specific events.  In order to reach those who will benefit the most, we will often partner with another organization who has common goals.  Dr. Stoltz and other team members will be volunteering at different venues as needed to accomplish our goals.  Follow us on social media to keep informed and to participate.


Meet our Executive Board at STxIH

Experienced doctors and Scientist form our medical staff

Steven M. Stoltz, M.D., CPI


Steven M. Stoltz, MD, CPI was born and raised in Texas, but gained broad experience while studying medicine internationally. His style is the utilization of academic medicine in an empathic manner. He is the President and co-founder of South Texas Institutes of Health, and it was his desire to build an organization that makes his community a better place.


Alonzo Cantu

Vice President

Alonzo Cantu is the Vice President at STxIH, and is also a co-founder. He holds the title of Top Business Development Executive and says that he wants whats best for the people in our community. He has always been committed to bringing the best of medical care to the residents of the Rio Grande Valley.


Lori S. Lizak, R.N., C.C.R.C.


Lori Lizak is a registered nurse and a certified clinical research coordinator. She is also a co-founder and Secretary of STxIH. Her unique experience makes her literally one in a million in the Rio Grande Valley, and she enables STxIH to participate in cutting-edge research that affects the way that healthcare evolves. As a mother, she cares about the future of the community, and approaches each clinical situation with compassion.